How Does a Commission Work?


Let's create the perfect painting for your home! If you love my style but haven’t found something perfectly suited for you, you can order a commissioned piece, custom-made for your space. I genuinely enjoy this process and love working together to discuss colors, size, and the right emotion for your space.

  • Get Inspired

Check out the paintings in the shop, on Instagram, and in my portfolio. We can start a conversation about why you are drawn to each one and discuss what kind of painting you are looking for. Fill out the inquiry form and I will send you the pricing.

  • Choose a Size

Pick from landscape, portrait, or square format in a variety of sizes to suit your space. I will create a custom listing for you on my site and after you pay the downpayment, I will get started on your custom painting.

  • Choose Your Color Scheme

Share photos of your space, fabric swatches, and inspiration with me and I’ll start planning what would be ideal in your space with your vision. I will often borrow wall color paint or similar so there is a perfect match to your surrounding design elements.

  • Photo Review

After I begin the first layers of your piece, I will send you in-progress photos to make sure the color balance, composition, and direction feel right to you. I will make any necessary adjustments as I add layers to your work in progress, sending more photos as your painting evolves.

  • Finishing Touches

Once the color balance is just right, I will add mark-making, texture, and more layers of materials. As the painting nears completion, I'll check in with you for approval. Based on your feedback, I'll add the finishing touches and send a final photo.

  • Approval & Delivery

Once everything is finalized, you'll make your final payment and I'll arrange shipment or delivery. Yay!

The best part (at least for me) is that you are included the entire time. I love sharing the process with you and getting closer while we work together. Want to chat about an upcoming project? Contact me below!

How Does a Commission Work?
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