I’m glad you’re here. I want you to explore, to let my art affect you with beauty, color, and vibrancy, just for this moment.

Through abstract painting I create vibrant and emotional pieces, feeding energy and beauty into people’s everyday lives.

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Artist Statement

Anna explores the relationship between her identity and her relationships through art, using mixed media.  Color, music, and literature all impact what emerges on her canvases.  As an Aries, Anna experiences life by feeling profoundly and thinking reflectively.  Various artists have influenced her: Georgia O'Keefe, India.Arie, and Julia Cameron, among others.  They have offered her diverse perspectives and invited her to synergize in her artistic designs.

Since she began her professional career, she has been moved to ever more fully create, understand and practice openness through art and music.  What starts with the need to capture some reality on a surface evolves as she layers colors and brushstrokes, hoping that what emerges is both interesting and meaningful.  It's the "why" of her art, and she hopes it enables her to connect profoundly with all who appreciate and collect her work.