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Anna Sokol Fine Art

Leave Her Wild 🌀 Original

Leave Her Wild 🌀 Original

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mixed media on canvas

40 in x 30 in

Handmade frame and painted gold

Tyler Rich sings "Leave Her Wild," a country song dedicated to loving a girl as she is. After hearing the lyrics and watching the music video, it brought tears to my eyes and swelled my heart. I had never listened to a song that resonated more than this one regarding the relationship between my husband and me. This painting is a reflection of the spirit that is within me as a reminder to honor my true self.

"Don't tame her, try to chain her. The second you do you'll break her. She ain't a dial you just turn on and off. She ain't found, but she ain't all that lost.”

Pair this Painting | Song Leave Her Wild by Tyler Rich

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