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Anna Sokol Fine Art

On the Fritz 🌺 Original

On the Fritz 🌺 Original

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Mixed media on canvas

16 in x 20 inches framed

I titled this piece as a tribute to my instructor, Dianna Fritzler, after attending a painting workshop in Arizona in March 2023. It was my second solo artist journey, proving to be a transformative experience. During my time there, I had moments of clarity and discovered what I needed to find inner peace. By taking a step back and following my heart, I was able to uncover a new part of myself. Reading Rick Rubin's "The Creative Act: A Way of Living" helped me understand and embrace the Source or Muse behind my inspiration and creative process.

“Darling, you gotta keep breathing. Lose yourself in the feeling. Just be slow, just be slow. Take it back to that moment. Before you start to feel broken. Just be slow, just be slow.”

Pair this Painting | Song Be Slow by Harrison Storm

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