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Anna Sokol Fine Art

Vision without Execution is Hallucination 🖤 Original

Vision without Execution is Hallucination 🖤 Original

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This piece was a true labor of love! 24x48" mixed media on wood

Behind the Brush:

There are moments when I stumble upon something that ignites my imagination. Even if I don't fully comprehen its meaning, I take hold of it if it inspires me. Recently, I came across some die-cut wooden hearts and purchased a few packs to see where they would take me. I started by spray painting and drizzling paint on each heart until I felt content with the result. Then, I decidded to attatch them to a background, preferabl wood. So, I went to a hardware store and bought some birch plywood pieces. I divided the board into blocks based on its dimensions, and to my surprise, every single wooden heart I had prepared fit perfectly into each block.

With my Dad's assistance, we added small wooden strips to create a frame. To make the three-dimensional effect stand out, I added blocks of those wooden strips underneeath each heart. This piece was crafted through envisioning, trust, exploration, determination, and execution. I hope its intention is conveyed!

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